Why have singing lessons?

Singing lessons are fun ! They can help you improve, whatever your current standard of singing. Lessons can give you the confidence to sing up and enjoy what you’re doing, knowing you are doing it well.

Have a look at my profile on the Tutor Pages for a fuller look at what I can offer.

Thanks for all your help with my singing – when I look back to how I was before I started coming for lessons with you – how nervous I was to make a single note on my own, and how much different I am now, I realise you have done a huge amount for me! 🙂

There are many elements which make up a good singing technique.

These include :

  • Correct posture
  • Controlled breathing
  • Relaxed neck and jaw

Alongside the physical technique, the dramatic way the song is put across is key :

  • Does the singer understand the song ?
  • If it is in a foreign language, are the lyrics understood and pronounced correctly ?
  • If it is from an opera or musical, when is the song performed and by which character ?
  • How does the singer convey the song to the audience ?

What does a singing lesson entail ?

Whether you come for an hour or 30 minutes, we will begin with a warm up section, expanding and exercising your vocal chords.

We then follow with your choice of repertoire, addressing some of the questions outlined above.

Singing Festivals

To sing in a public, yet supportive environment, I would recommend the local singing festivals. These are designed for singers to practice performing and to get feedback on your performance from an experienced musician.

The local Richmond Festival takes place annually. Contact the Vocal Section Secretary: Judy Hildesley. Tel: 020 8876 0321 or email: judyhildesley@btinternet.com.


You can also take graded exams in singing, where you will need to sing repertoire from a list, sight read and take aural tests. Click on the Associated Board link for the syllabus. I can advise you about this.

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