Characterisation by ‘the greats’ from Youtube


An analysis of performances of arias within the opera and in the concert setting

Angela Gheorghiu in La Bohème – Donde lieta uscì

i. Opera scene

ii. In concert :

Donde lieta uscì, Mimi's aria from La Bohème

Donde lieta uscì                      Whence happy leaving
al tuo grido d'amore,                 To your cry of love,
torna sola Mimì                       Returns alone Mimi
al solitario nido.                    To solitary nest.
Ritorna un'altra volta                Returns another time
a intesser finti fior.                To weave together false flowers.
Addio, senza rancor.                  Goodbye, without resentment.

Ascolta, ascolta.                     Listen, listen.
Le poche robe aduna                   The little things gather
che lasciai sparse.                   That I have left scattered about
Nel mio cassetto                      In my drawer
stan chiusi quel cerchietto d'or      Are enclosed that gold band
e il libro di preghiere.              And a book of prayers.
Involgi tutto quanto in un grembiale  Wrap everything much in a smock

Bada, sotto il guanciale              Pay attention, on the pillow
c'è la cuffietta rosa.                There is a pink bonnet
Se vuoi serbarla a ricordo d'amor!    If you want, keep a memory of love!
Addio, senza rancor.                  Goodbye, without resentment.

Word by word translation by Terri Eickel[1]


Kiri Te Kanawa in The Marriage of Figaro – Porgi Amor

i. Opera scene :

ii. In concert :

Porgi, amor, qualche ristoro,         O Love, give me some remedy
Al mio duolo, a'miei sospir!          For my sorrow, for my sighs!
O mi rendi il mio tesoro,             Either give me back my darling
O mi lascia almen morir.              Or at least let me die.

Word-by-word translation by Jane Bishop[2]


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